Preachers hail UAE’s religious tolerance

DUBAI: Christian residents here must count their blessings – including the freedom of worship in the UAE – more than their personal troubles in order to live the message of the season, said preachers in the run-up to Christmas.

“We are all just visitors, minorities here,” the Rev Fr Tom Veneracion, the St Mary’s Catholic Church parish priest, told a huge gathering during an open-air mass on a balmy winter Tuesday night. “We must be thankful we’re allowed to celebrate like this,” he said as he recalled pregnant Mother Mary’s thankfulness during an encounter with her cousin Elizabeth, who was also pregnant. Catholics, estimated at 500,000 throughout the UAE, form the biggest number of Christians in the country.

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  1. Religious tolerance is very important and crucial for the establishment of a peaceful society. And to create tolerance, Islamic principal of freedom of religion is a golden principle. “There should be no compulsion in religion” (Holy Quran)

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