Day: December 15, 2011

Ahmadiyya Youth Canvassing Neighbourhoods

Source: Chatham Daily News Canvassing to promote harmony A Muslim  youth group will visit Chatham this weekend in an effort to promote peace. “Our plan is to visit 3,000 houses, knocking on doors, asking people if they have any questions about Islam to promote religious harmony,” Rizwan Rabbani, national executive-director […]

Married couples at a record low

By Carol Morello, The Washington Post The proportion of adults who are married has plunged to record lows as more people decide to live together now and wed later, reflecting decades of evolving attitudes about the role of marriage in society. Just 51 percent of all adults who are 18 […]

Philosopher Sticks Up for God

For too long, Mr. Plantinga contends in a new book, theists have been on the defensive, merely rebutting the charge that their beliefs are irrational. It’s time for believers in the old-fashioned creator God of the Bible to go on the offensive, he argues, and he has some sports metaphors […]