US and Israel: The historic love affair

By: Meher Usman

We’re often told that international relations are not bound by any morality or values, may it be a relationship of friendship or animosity, and they ought to be based on either of the actor’s personal and selfish interest. Amazingly enough, in the same world, we have witnessed the most captivating and unparallel friendship of all times; the friendship of the US and Israel. The more apparently opposing their sizes, religions and cultural values are, the more similar happen to be their international system perspectives. Not even within each other’s regional proximity, let alone sharing the same culture or religion, what, then, is the source of this intimacy between these two, an intimacy whose example cannot be witnessed in any other case in the contemporary world?

While US holds the position of the supreme leader of the democratic world without question since over a century, initially depending much on its isolation policy put forward by the famous Monroe Doctrine, Israel is rather an infant in world history, and managed to become a legal state (which is still a controversial subject to many) only after it managed to kick a few hundred thousand Muslim off the land of Israel. What they claimed to be their ‘religious heritage’, only became so, ironically, after they were pushed out of Russia and Germany in early 20th century. They, without question, have been one of the very few civilisations, alongside the blacks of Africa for instance, who have suffered indefinitely at the hands of racist leaders; but today, it’s more like the entire world, specifically the Muslim nations, are suffering indefinitely at the hands of the rather notoriously quoted ‘US-Israel Lobby’.

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