Bangladesh at 40 – A nation with a passion for language, a love for Justice and a respect for logic

Courtesy: BBC, Gulfnews, The Dailystar and Time

Bangladesh: Out of War, a Nation Is Born

JAI Bangla! Jai Bangla!” From the banks of the great Ganges and the broad Brahmaputra, from the emerald rice fields and mustard-colored hills of the countryside, from the countless squares of countless villages came the cry. “Victory to Bengal! Victory to Bengal!” They danced on the roofs of buses and marched down city streets singing their anthem Golden Bengal. They brought the green, red and gold banner of Bengal out of secret hiding places to flutter freely from buildings, while huge pictures of their imprisoned leader, Sheik Mujibur Rahman, sprang up overnight on trucks, houses and signposts. As Indian troops advanced first to Jessore, then to Comilla, then to the outskirts of the capital of Dacca, small children clambered over their trucks and Bengalis everywhere cheered and greeted the soldiers as liberators.
Thus last week, amid a war that still raged on, the new nation of Bangladesh was born. So far only India and Bhutan have formally recognized it, but it ranks eighth among the world’s 148 nations in terms of population (78 million), behind China, India, the Soviet Union, the U.S., Indonesia, Japan and Brazil. Its birth, moreover, may be followed by grave complications. In West Pakistan, a political upheaval is a foregone conclusion in the wake of defeat and dismemberment. In India, the creation of a Bengali state next door to its own impoverished West Bengal state could very well strengthen the centrifugal forces that have tugged at the country since independence in 1947.

Read more  from the Time Magazine Cover Story of December 20, 1970

Bangladesh Liberation War from Wikipedia  Read more

Time and again, Bangladeshis have successfully brought the country back to the right path. Bangladesh has come a long way from a ‘bottomless basket’ to an emerging economy as it moves towards becoming a middle-income country. On its 40th anniversary, Bangladeshis should start looking at the future, not at the bloody past.  Read more 

Pledge on Victory Day from Daily Star Editorial

Improve politics and governance to realise growth potential

Like every other Victory Day of the past, the nation will again revisit the epoch-making events that had gone into the Bengali people’s success in winning the war against the enemy forces leading to the victorious march of freedom fighters into the capital city 40 years ago. Basically, we take stock of our successes and failures since national independence.  Read more

BBC Asian Network (AN) will dedicate a week’s programming to mark the 40th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence – Read more



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