Bleak prospects for Ahmadis

Panca Nugraha, The Jakarta Post, Mataram

A community of Ahmadis living in a village in West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, are still fearing for their future both as workers and citizens of their country, six years after being evicted from their homes because of their religious belief.

The Ahamdiyah community comprises about 140 people and 33 families who have been forced to take shelter in Wisma Transito in Mataram after they were evicted from their homes six years ago.

Hopeful eyes: Children pose at an Ahmadiyah shelter in Mataram, Lombok.

 The outreach program provided by the NTB provincial administration, involving the NTB Agency for Political Affairs and National Unity and a number of clerics, has not been effective, the Ahmadis say, while the West Lombok regency administration has backtracked from its promise to compensate assets they were forced to leave behind in their village.

 An early estimation revealed that their assets, comprising 21 houses and land, were valued at Rp 1.4 billion (US$155,000).

 “The outreach program, they said, would last for six months from June until December was in fact carried out for only two months. It began early on in the month of Ramadhan and ended just after Idul Fitri,” Nasiruddin, one of the Ahmadis, said recently when interviewed at Wisma Transito.

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2 replies

  1. Comments posted in the Jakarta Post:

    Haji Rafiq A. Tschannen | Mon, 19/12/2011 – 23:12pm

    There should not be any discussion on ‘compensation’ but the Government should provide security for all of the families to go back to their own property. And naturally all citizens are entitled to Identity Cards and whatever else the bureaucrats now-a-days require. Allah will bless those who suffer and Allah will bless those who help those who suffer!
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    azwar | Mon, 19/12/2011 – 20:12pm

    The Lombok government does not care for these people. Shame on them!!! They are too busy with tourism-development and giving building-licenses to karaoke-bars. Everybody knows that is an’t just singing in those places. But when it is about money, (religious) principles are shifted aside. Shame on them!!!
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    Goldfinger | Mon, 19/12/2011 – 16:12pm

    One thing is dead certain. Were it Muslims who were treated like this somewhere in Indonesia or anywhere else in the world, they’d be crying out to high heaven. Apparently the simple moral guide of “treat others as you yourself would like to be treated” has now been discarded among so-called Muslims in Indonesia. Shame on you!
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    donski | Mon, 19/12/2011 – 10:12am

    Maybe the australian government should provide asylum to these indonesian people who seem to be prevented from being true citizens in their own country

  2. My heart goes to these cute little angels.

    May Allah have Mercy and May Allah help all Ahmadies in distress around the globe .Amen

    Ahamdies are the most loyal and peaceful people on the earth.

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