Definition of ‘Sect’. Why the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community should not be called a ‘Sect’, but a ‘Community’ or ‘Jamaat’

Here some definitions from various dictionaries: sect/ from internet search definition: a group of people with somewhat different religious beliefs (typically regarded as heretical) from those of a larger group to which they belong. Similar:(religious) cult religious group faith community denomination persuasion religious order splinter group faction schism heretical movement […]

Pak tries to turn UN action into terror justification

By IANS| Published: 7th March 2021 By Arul Louis United Nations, March 7 : Pakistan is attempting to turn the UN’s counter-terrorism efforts into justification for terrorism. https://cdn.siasat.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Pak-tries-to-turn-UN-action-into-terror-justification.webp During the negotiations on a resolution on Global Counter Terrorism Review, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram said on Friday that the resolution […]

Pakistani Religious Minority Leaders Criticize Minister Shah Over False Claims of Protecting Religious Freedom

02/25/2021 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Pakistan’s Anti-Narcotics minister, Ijaz Shah, came under fire over the weekend over outlandish comments he made during a speech delivered at the centennial of the Nankana massacre in which 260 Sikhs were murdered. The minister claimed that all religious minorities in Pakistan are respected […]