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  1. After listening the interview one cn only comment.
    Few months back, colum writer Hamid Mir wrote an article in daily news paper Jang quoting authentically Mr Mansoor Ejaz belonged to Ahmadiyya Community and alleged he did the memo affair just to take revenge from PP government which declared the community as non Muslim in 1974. After reading the article I contacted few influentials of Ahmadiyya to verify so called claim of Hamid Mir which no one verified.
    As it happened for all other important matters,looks like, with in couple of days this matter will also die down. Pakistanis are a great nation. They even digested the partition of their country what is this memo, just an unautheticated writing on a piece of paper.

  2. I am Pakistani atholic living in united states to me this idiot Ijaz Mansoor just hungry for attention lair and dishonest mn

  3. Pakistani mein jis banday ko jhota sabit karna ho bas us per aik ilzam laga do k woh qadiyani hy ….. lol pe puranay tactics hy hamaray mulk k logoon kay

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