Enclave populations: The humanitarian angle

Bangladesh and India are neighbouring countries with a shared history and common cultural and linguistic ties. Although all countries in the world have some inter-state problems at one level or another, the enclave problem between Bangladesh and India is unique in its complex and unresolved nature. read more :

Friends of Bangladesh Award

Source:  The Nation By S M Hali Bangladesh is a sovereign country and has every right to award anyone of its choice for contributing to its “liberation”, whether they are Indians, Americans, Russians, French, Australian, British, Swedes, Sri Lankans, Nepalese or Bhutanese. Conferring the awards 41 years later is Bangladesh’s […]

Egypt: The Next India or the Next Pakistan?

NY Times: By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: Three weeks ago, the prime minister of India appointed Syed Asif Ibrahim as the new director of India’s Intelligence Bureau, its domestic intelligence-gathering agency. Ibrahim is a Muslim. India is a predominantly Hindu country, but it is also the world’s third-largest Muslim nation. India’s greatest security […]

Illegal immigration makes Assam boil

Source: Gulf News. Guwahati: Illegal migration from Bangladesh has been the dominant theme of Assam politics since independence. However, over the years, successive federal governments or state governments have done little to curb this. Immigration from Bangladesh or erstwhile East Pakistan has a colonial history. People were brought in as […]

I don’t care if you are a Muslim

Source: India Today blog. Kaushik Deka With the mass exodus of North-eastern people from some southern states, what started as a clash between Bodos and alleged illegal migrants from Bangladesh has now become a battle between two Indians. Let’s assume that the rumours of a deadline set by some groups […]

Fijian students thank India for assistance

Fijian students in India thankful for assistance 13:38 Sun May 27, 2012   With Mereseini Marau at Fiji High Commission, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India.Taken from/By: Facebook Report by: Shireen Lata Fiji students studying in India received an increase in their allowance. Fiji’s High Commissioner to India, Yogesh Karan reminded […]