Indian doctors warn against using COW DUNG to cure Covid-19 as desperate people unable to get oxygen or hospital care cover themselves in excrement while cases soar

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People cover themselves in a mixture of cow dung and urine at a Hindu school in Gujarat state, India, believing it is an alternative cure for Covid

Source: Daily Mail

  • India’s Covid crisis shows few signs of slowing, with almost 330,000 new cases today and 3,900 deaths as healthcare system remains stretched
  • As a result, some have turned to alternative ‘cures’ such as bathing in cow dung 
  • Some Hindus believe the feces from a cow – a holy animal – will boost their immune systems and help to both prevent and cure the virus 
  • But doctors say ‘treatment’ doesn’t work and risks spreading Covid faster 


PUBLISHED: 09:33 BST, 11 May 2021 

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Indian doctors have urged people not to cover themselves in cow dung and urine as a treatment for Covid, saying it risks spreading the disease faster. 

Medics spoke out after it emerged that Hindus in western Gujarat state have been visiting cow shelters once a week to douse themselves in excrement, which is then washed off with milk.

They believe feces from a cow – a holy animal to Hindus – will boost their immune systems, helping to both prevent and cure Covid.

But Dr JA Jayalal, president of the Indian Medical Association, warned the ‘cure’ doesn’t work and may actually help to spread the virus as often-sick people gather in groups to undergo the treatment. 

Some Indians have turned to unproven ‘cures’ for Covid as the virus runs rampant in the country and proven treatments – such as oxygen and vaccines – run in desperately short supply.

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  1. Enlightenment lies in getting our priorities straight and picking the right authority to submit to in a given situation.

    In a large number of situations we need to bow our head to science.

    For salvation in the Afterlife we need to submit to the Creator God of this universe as presented by the holy Quran and explained be different commentators and teachers.

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