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An Other Way to Introduce Ahmadiyya Islam.

By: Zubair Khan. Pictures: Mobashar Khan. On 20.09.2018 in Ahmadiyya Basheer Mosque Bensheim was a special day. Entirely a different approach was opted to introduce the Ahmadiyya Community. Main guests came from a local school which takes care of children with special needs. Executive Board, teachers and parents included the […]

Amazing Mechanical Devices from Muslim Civilisation

 by:  Cem Nizamoglu Fully automated environmentally friendly water raising devices, pumps, windmills and more! Discover some of the most facinating devices from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation that brought creative innovative ideas helping to drive agriculture and industries from southern Spain to China   Note: Composed by Cem Nizamoglu and […]

Islamic Foreshadowing of Evolution

Paul S. Braterman …in this article, I will summarise the key elements of the modern science of evolution, and the reasons why the evidence in its favour is generally regarded among scientists as conclusive, before turning to my main theme, which is the extent to which Muslim scholars anticipated key […]