I don’t care if you are a Muslim

Source: India Today blog.

Kaushik Deka

With the mass exodus of North-eastern people from some southern states, what started as a clash between Bodos and alleged illegal migrants from Bangladesh has now become a battle between two Indians. Let’s assume that the rumours of a deadline set by some groups or individuals for NE people to leave these states are true. Now the question is: who are these individuals and groups? Media reports suggest that these are Muslim groups who want to avenge the atrocities committed by Bodos on Muslims in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districst (BTAD) in Assam. These groups obviously exist within the boundaries of India and, therefore, are as much Indians as the people from North-east are. They are targeting fellow Indians to protest against what Bodos did to “assumed” and real infiltrators from Bangldesh.




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  1. What an hypocrisy! While Bangladesh is not willing to give shelter to Rohingyas, it still wants India to accommodate its illegal migrants who have come here.

    I think India should not have helped Bangladeshis to fight against Pakistan. Plus Bangladeshi immigrants spread the culture of weed, ganja etc. create religious tensions in India by smuggling cow to Bangladesh, considered as holy by Hindus. Not to forget that illegal immigrants have spread terrorism in India and have been involved in terrorist attacks. And involved in this act too.
    What a great bunch of ‘Muslim’ nations are Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and what a great example of Islam and morality does these people present to Hindus of India. Brothers you got what you wanted. i.e. your nations based on your ethnic/religious identities. Although nothing is going to change, still let me say for God’s sake behave yourself and do not create reasons for genocide of all Muslims from India. Instead of seeking supremacy and predominance over the local population, do something constructive for yourself and for whole of India ‘in kuntum sadiqeen’

    In case it remained unnoticed let it be known to all that, Prior to this incident, Hindus in Bangladesh were attacked and expelled just few weeks before these trouble, so they came and sought asylum in India. Just imagine Hindus are being expelled from Pakistan and Bangladesh and they come to India as asylum seeker to add to that Pakistani and Bangladeshi terrorists creating trouble in India. Bangladeshi(Muslim) illegal immigrants creating ethnic friction in India. Bangladeshi origin illegal immigrant turned politician Badrudin Ajmal giving it a religious color and dragging Indian Muslims unnecessarily into it. Bangladeshi and Pakistani miscreants create hoax on the internet about false threat by muslims towards their own people from north-east. Imagine the level of propaganda aid will this be for far-right Hindus in India. Who needs enemies when we have ‘brothers’ like these! Do not shame us please and let us live a life of dignity and peace.

    So before i read the usual prayer for rogue muslims let me say ‘I don’t care if you are a Bangladeshi or Pakistani’.

    Rabbe asleh ummata Muhammadin(s.a.s.). aameen!




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