Day: August 26, 2012

ضیاء زندہ ہے

محمد حنیف بی بی سی اردو سروس، کراچی  نہ کہیں ماتمی جلسہ، نہ کوئی یادگاری ٹکٹ، نہ کسی بڑے چوک پر اسکا بت، نہ کسی پارٹی جھنڈے پر اُسکی کی […]

The Global War On Islam

Source: Strategy Page August 25, 2012: The June ethnic and religious violence in the northwest (Rakhine State, the northwestern coast just south of Bangladesh) caused an uproar in Moslem countries, with calls for retribution against Myanmar for allowing it to happen. Long simmering tensions between the Moslem migrants from Bangladesh […]

Saudi Arabia ‘best place for seeking jobs’

ARAB NEWS Sunday 26 August 2012 JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s financial situation is stable and is the best place for seeking jobs, according to a consumer confidence survey conducted by in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Thirty-eight percent of Saudis who participated in the survey said the present […]

Robert Fisk: ‘No power can bring down the Syrian regime’ – After gaining exclusive access to Bashar al-Assad’s army officers, our writer reports from the Aleppo front line

You know it’s all true when the taxi driver turns off the motorway towards Aleppo. In front lies a mile of empty road, disappearing into the heat haze on its way to one of the oldest cities in the world. But a halo of brown smoke embraces the horizon and […]

Robert Fisk: The bloody truth about Syria’s uncivil war – Those trying to topple Assad have surprised the army with their firepower and brutal tactics

A few hours after the ferocious attack on Damascus by the Free Syrian Army began last month, the new Syrian minister of information, Omran Zouhbi, turned on journalists in the capital. “What are you doing here in Damascus?” he roared. “You should be out with our soldiers!” And within a […]