Day: August 23, 2012

Ecrasez L’ infame

Express Tribune: Markandey Katju. When I was a judge in the Allahabad High Court, a criminal appeal came before me in which some Muslim boys had been convicted by the trial court of gang-raping a young Dalit Hindu girl. In Uttar Pradesh (UP, which is the largest state in India […]

The Maulana Who Loved Krishna

Source: Outlook India Hasrat Mohani was not just a maverick when it came to publicly championing the radical thinking of Tilak. He also wrote verses expressing deep love for Krishna, and often went to Mathura to celebrate Janmashtami. He was a true maverick. In 1908 he published an anonymous article […]

Two kinds of Russians …

Source: Asia Times: As the father of one of the women jailed for a “blasphemous” anti-Putin protest in Moscow’s main cathedral noted, there were two Russias present in the courtroom – the liberals and the traditionalists – and they hated each other’s guts. Yet while most Russians consider themselves non-religious, […]

Saudi Shia Clerics Demand Interfaith Dialogue Center

Source: Ahlul Bayt News Agency Prominent Saudi clerics issued a statement to demand for launching an interfaith dialogue and also confrontation with religious discrimination.   (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Seven Shia clerics from Saudi Arabia released a statement announcing their support for the proposal by Saudi King Abdullah for launching […]

The South gathers in Tehran

Credit: Asia Times: Usually ignored by the West as irrelevant, the Non-Aligned Movement has raised eyebrows by scheduling its next summit in the Iranian capital. By doing so, it has underscored recent developments in the Middle East centering on Iran, Syria, India, and the NAM’s ongoing struggle against US geopolitical […]

Secretive sect worries even Islamic extremists

EL-ARISH, Egypt — A fringe group so extreme that it worries even Egypt’s Muslim fundamentalists is secretly reviving itself with greater firepower and followers in the country’s volatile Sinai Peninsula. Disciples of the group known as Takfir wil-Hijra, dubbed “Takfiris,” lead secretive, isolated lives where anything and anyone that does […]

Realpolitik blurs US red line on Syria

Credit: Asia Times. Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) are back. It’s like we never left Dubya’s glory days. No, they didn’t find the non-existent Saddam stash on eBay. This is about the existent Bashar al-Assad’s. And it’s not WMDs as the pretext for an invasion and occupation, but WMDs as […]