Day: August 1, 2012

10 things Pakistanis don’t want to hear

The Express Tribune: Omar Kamal bin Farooq One of the biggest disadvantages of living in a nation as homogeneous as ours is that it is very seldom that you get to hear alternative narratives on history, religion, culture and society in general. People who try and present narratives that are different from […]

FIJI NEWS – Fiji Deposed PM faces jail sentence & other news

FiFiji’s deposed PM Qarase faces jail term MICHAEL FIELD Last updated 16:11 01/08/2012 196's%20deposed%20PM%20Qarase%20faces%20jail%20term&!SQxz7F5VozeYIa9SGw%2Fd%3D1%2Frs%3DAItRSTPmONG5EcGSvyPz8ty-9C7u8BR8PQ#_methods=onPlusOne%2C_ready%2C_close%2C_open%2C_resizeMe%2C_renderstart%2Conload&id=I0_1343869085516& Share TIM WIMBORNE/ Reuters GUILTY: A court has found former Fiji Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase guilty of corruption. South Pacific Fiji’s deposed PM Qarase faces jail termDeepening mystery around seized Vanuatu yachtThaw in […]

In Britain, polygamy could be rewarding for immigrants

London, July 31 (IANS) Courtesy an unplugged loophole in the British government’s welfare shake-up, immigrants having multiple wives can claim higher benefit payments, it has emerged. Benefits potentially available to spouses in polygamous marriages include income support, jobseeker’s allowance, employment and support allowance, pension credit, housing benefit and council tax […]

FIJISUN – Pakistan’s new Spy Chief visits Washington DC & Islam Updates

Pakistan’s New Spy Chief Visits Washington at a Time of Frayed Relations By DECLAN WALSH and MARK MAZZETTI Published: July 31, 2012 S ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — As befits any newly installed spymaster, a vague air of mystery surrounds Lt. Gen. Zahir ul-Islam, the head of Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence directorate, who is visiting Washington in […]

Male circumcision for HIV prevention in young men in Kisumu, Kenya: a randomised controlled trial

Summary Background Male circumcision could provide substantial protection against acquisition of HIV-1 infection. Our aim was to determine whether male circumcision had a protective effect against HIV infection, and to assess safety and changes in sexual behaviour related to this intervention. Methods We did a randomised controlled trial of 2784 […]