Day: August 6, 2012

Goodbye, Haqqani network?

Express Tribune: Editorial: ‘Diplomatic sources’ in Pakistan say, “The US and Pakistan have reached an understanding on joint operations against the Haqqani network but no final decision has been taken yet”. […]

Westboro Baptist Church : God sent the shooter Just minutes after it was reported that people had been shot at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, the hate mongers at Westboro Baptist Church were tweeting out: ‘God Sent Another Shooter.’ MargiePhelps @MargieJPhelps MargiePhelps God sent another shooter? MT @BreakingNews: Scanner reports indicate people shot at Sikh Temple,Oak Creek,Wisconsin […]

Ahmadis Lose Hope This Ramadan

Credit: Credit: IPS via Wasim Sroya KARACHI, Aug 6 2012 (IPS) – As millions around the world enter the third week of the Ramadan fast, the fraternity that typically unites Muslims during the holy month does not extend to Pakistan’s Ahmadi community, which is facing worse persecution than ever before. […]

Minister Says No Need for Halal TV Certification

Credit: Jakarta Globe: The minister of communication and information technology criticized on Monday a proposal to classify TV shows as either halal or haram. “There’s no such thing as a halal or haram TV program,” said Tifatul Sembiring. “TV programs should be assessed as to whether they have educational values […]