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  1. All I can say in response to the news item is “Astaghferullah, Laholwalla & Inna lillah”

  2. Ironically in this so called Ummat publication, the “performance ” of ummat can be seen very well.
    How wild , cruel, moral less society is this Umma now a days.This newspaper is a true reflection of the ummah that our Holy Prophet PBUH predicted.
    They are not sparing their own people how can they favour anyone else?
    Their only task is to spread rumours and panic.

  3. if someone is envious of somebody, he always blame them with such things. they themselves are not able to do good, why then they can recognize good. May Allah guide them to righteous path, now showm by Ahmadiyyat, Amin….

  4. There is a clear difference between bribery and generosity.

    The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not bribe Meccans into accepting Islam but they accepted voluntarily after experiencing the high standard of his character.

    But Ummat does not see and does not want others to see.

  5. It says that Ahamdies have increased their welfare activities in Ramadhan by distributing gifts, clothings and food commodities, to win the hearts of people. Along with literature of their beliefs.
    Which is a ” grave danger” to Islam.
    In fact their Islam is so weak that it is always in danger. It never got strong enough to face any challenging.
    They are not confident that in fourteen hundred years Muslims knew Islam. Hence they will fall prey to Ahamdi ” misguiding”.
    On the other hand they claim that Muslims cannot stand Ahamdi concept or interpretations. If so the Muslims will know it ultimately and reject them. Why are they worried?
    It is an open confession,that their Islamic republic of Pakistan has been altogether failed to provide these basic needs to the Umma. That is why it has been compelled to sell it’s faith for the meagre worldly commodities?
    Their “Momin” leaders have pushed them into a state of emergency even for a morsel of daily food?.
    Then who is to be blamed. A typical Pakistani answer is ” Qadiani kafir”.
    And these bunches of ” Momineen” are only busy publishing it for the sake of the circulation of their daily newspaper to earn money.
    The are blinded by the beam “Shahteer” of their own eyes and are always trying to find a splinter in other’s clean eyes.

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