The Terasem Faith is a new-age religion designed to allow God and technology co-exist

Mail Online —

‘Life is purposeful, death is optional, God is technological and love is essential’: The new tech-inspired religion that uses ‘mindfiles’ and robots to store your soul for ‘future revival’

Why can’t God and science exist concurrently?

And why shouldn’t we remain relgious while embracing the ways technology is altering our life pattern?

These are some of the fundamentals behind the Terasem Faith, a new-age religion that has been developed to allow people to continue following their traditional denomination while endorsing the advancement of science and technology.

According to a TIME magazine feature, Terasem’s followers are dedicated to studying and raising awareness about what they call ‘personal cyberconciousness’ or the creation of mindfiles.

However skeptics have been quick to call it ‘the rapture of the nerds’.


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