Day: April 26, 2014

Reign of radicalism in Pakistan

Daily Times: The recent discourse regarding terrorism and terrorists has taken a turn from combatant to non-combatant stakeholders and it has left the citizens of Pakistan bewildered about whether they are the democratic citizens of Pakistan or the denizens of an alien land In recent times, a lot has been […]

Indonesian Ahmadis defy prayer ban call

Source: Muslim council demands sect adheres to mainstream teachings. Followers of a minority Muslim sect in Indonesia are continuing daily prayers in their West Java mosque despite a call for a ban from the district’s Indonesian Ulema Council. Syaiful Uyun, an Ahmadiya cleric at the mosque, told that daily […]

Egypt: Vow of Freedeom of Religion Is unkept

Sherif Gaber, detained  since last fall on allegations that he started a Facebook page for atheists By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICKAPRIL 25, 2014   NYtimes 04/26/2014 Photo Student supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood blocked a road in Cairo on Wednesday. Credit Aly Hazzaa/El Shorouk Newspaper, via Associated Press   CAIRO — The […]

Hotel of Death

Source: CNN Varanasi, India A10-hour journey on Indian roads can be difficult and this one, fueled by faith, was more so. Dinesh Chandra Mishra packed moth-eaten woolen blankets for the trip along with muslin and cotton quilts that had once been crisp and white. He also brought a single-burner kerosene […]