Day: April 27, 2014

Indonesian Ahmadis defy prayer ban call by Katharina R. Lestari — Muslim council demands sect adheres to mainstream teachings Followers of a minority Muslim sect in Indonesia are continuing daily prayers in their West Java mosque despite a call for a ban from the district’s Indonesian Ulema Council. Syaiful Uyun, an Ahmadiya cleric at the […]

Iraq’s sham elections

Story Summary At the last elections, in 2010, it was clear that what the people of Iraq wanted did not really matter, and that with Iran’s backing, Nouri al-Maliki was sure to be re-elected. Having endured so much over the last 11 years, with hundreds of thousands dead and a […]

US, PH reach new defense deal

ABS.CBN news — MANILA — The signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation (EDC) between the United States and the Philippines has been scheduled on Monday morning, ahead of the arrival of US President Barack Obama. Prime Berunia, information officer of the Department of National Defense, said the agreement will be […]