Day: April 24, 2014

Working towards interfaith harmony

Source: ET The concept of a state that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had in mind at the time of the establishment of our beloved country has been discussed and will continue to be discussed in the future. However, one belief that is shared by, and should be shared by, those […]

Japan: The Land without Muslims

Jewish Press: There are countries in the world, mainly in Europe, that are presently undergoing significant cultural transformations as a result of Muslim immigration. France, Germany, Belgium and Holland are interesting examples of cases where immigration from Muslim countries, together with the Muslims’ high fertility rate, effects every area of […]

Iran’s divorce rate rising

TEHRAN: More than one in five marriages in Iran ended in divorce last year — despite the government’s push for more couples to wed and have children to reverse slowing population growth. The annual figures published Tuesday also showed fewer people were getting married and the statistics coincide with rising […]

Amphibians and Reptiles of Pakistan

Promoted posts: We are all living in the Womb of God-the-Mother, 13.8 billion Years Pregnancy, The Holy Quran and the Camels of the Americas and The Story of Adam and A Progressive, Metaphorical Reading of the Quran This is a book by Prof. Muhammad Sharif Khan Foreword of the book Pakistan is a land of […]