Working towards interfaith harmony

Source: ET

The concept of a state that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had in mind at the time of the establishment of our beloved country has been discussed and will continue to be discussed in the future. However, one belief that is shared by, and should be shared by, those calling Pakistan an Islamic state and those calling it a secular state, is that personal and religious freedom in Pakistan has been ordained by the Pakistani Constitution and law. The irony is that amid the problems faced by Pakistan after 1985, there has been a rise in sectarian violence and intolerant behaviour, both of which have become a very dangerous trend today. Nowadays, whenever the word ‘religion’ is mentioned, it brings with it a sense of fear and terror, even though no religion has been founded on the basis of fear and terror. A religion or sect cannot gain popularity based on this. Due to its name, Islam in particular is against the concept of using force to bring someone towards it.


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  1. To him interfaith dialogue is restricted to two factions of Islam. Sunni and Shia. Rest either Ahmadi or followers of other religions have no worth to such people. He keeps on suggesting cosmetic solutions to remain in publicity so just keep on listening.

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