Day: April 7, 2014

OIC system to help Muslims in distress

Iyad Madani. JEDDAH: HABIB SHAIKH Published — Tuesday 8 April 2014 Last update 8 April 2014 3:07 am The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) plans to work out a system to help Muslims facing wars and natural disasters across the world. This was disclosed by Iyad Madani, OIC secretary-general, during […]

Analysis: Do Indians care about secularism anymore?

ET: KARACHI: After Imam Bukhari’s press conference, in which the imam of India’s largest mosque announced his support for the incumbent Congress party, religion has again resurfaced as a divisive, potentially decisive factor in the Indian elections kicked off this week. “We have to fight unitedly against communal forces,” Bukhari said […]

Interfaith symposium shares faith in the city

meridian by Jeff Peters — Topics of religion can often be touchy, however with their latest Symposium, hosted at the Vic Juba Theatre, the Ahmadiyya Muslims of Lloydminster are challenging that assumption. The group, which in the past has hosted a number of inter-faith symposiums brought, a challenging yet […]

Answering the call to prayer in China

Source: China Daily By Zhao Xu (China Daily) African Muslims find gathering spot to worship in Guangzhou, Zhao Xu reports. For Chinese residents living near narrow, tree-lined Jinrong Street in the center of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, Friday is the day when they are treated to a spectacle – a weekly […]

Turkey losing faith in the European dream

  For the last year, Turkey has been dogged by one of the worst domestic political crises in its history. It started with the countrywide protests sparked by the Gezi Park sit-in and continued with the Turkish government corruption scandal. It was then further exacerbated by the government’s ban on […]