New train ticket offers 53-day rail trip around the world

Source: CNN

London, England (CNN) — A 53-day journey by train might sound like murder on the Orient Express, but one enterprising British travel company is offering rail tickets that take nearly eight weeks to circumnavigate the globe.

As you’d expect for the $36,500 price tag, you won’t be spending six weeks cooped in the cheap seats listening to other people yammering into their cell phones.

The ticket offered by Great Rail Journeys is first class most of the way, crossing three continents in the kind of style you’d associate with a golden age of rail travel — albeit without the top hats and tailcoats.

En route, passengers get to experience some of the world’s most luxurious trains, including the Tsar’s Gold Private Train from Mongolia, the Venice Simplon Orient-Express and the British Orient Express Pullman.

The itinerary begins in London on May 18, 2015.


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  1. Boring? Sounds amazing to me. Why some people don’t want to get out there and experience the world is beyond me. Too bad it’s so expensive…

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