Day: April 14, 2014

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA condemns attack on American Jewish centers in Kansas City

Source: American Muslims stand in solidarity with Jewish Americans to condemn religious violence and extremism in all its forms hmadiyya Muslim Community USA condemns in the strongest terms the April 13th attacks on two Jewish centers in Kansas City, which left three dead. Ahmadi Muslims offer their sincere prayers and condolences […]

Local Muslim Community Bleeds With Boston

Huff Post: by Kashif N. Chaudhry — Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Khalifa and spiritual head of the worldwideAhmadiyya Muslim Community, for instance, unequivocally condemned the Boston attack and offered his condolences, saying: My sympathies are with the victims of the Boston bombing. We condemn that attack in its entirety. The […]

Religion itself is not the main variable

Source: The Economist: Arun Kundnani, a British-born scholar who is now an adjunct professor at New York University, is a different sort of leftist. He is not Muslim, either by background or conviction, but he maintains that “Islamophobia” is a thinly disguised form of racial prejudice, and that on both sides of […]

Repressed Brits, evil Mexicans, Arab villains: why are Hollywood’s animated movies full of racist stereotypes?

theguardian: by Steve Rose — Perhaps it’s a matter for the film classification boards. They could put a warning on the certificate: “Contains mild fantasy violence, very mild language, a white-supremacist subtext, and grotesquely derogatory portrayals of ethnic minorities.” Or: “Probably won’t make your child into a racist, but sure […]

Pakistan and Israel: a study in contrasts

Daily Times: It is quite fashionable to state that the world has seen only two ideological states formed on the basis of religion — Pakistan and Israel. This is a factually incorrect statement. First of all, neither Pakistan nor Israel was formed on the basis of religion in the strictest sense; […]