Gunmen target prominent Pakistani news anchor Hamid Mir

Pakistani journalist and television anchor Hamid Mir in November 2012

Pakistani journalist and television anchor Hamid Mir in November 2012

By Pierre Meilhan and Greg Botelho

(CNN) — Gunmen wounded a prominent Pakistani TV news anchor on Saturday in an attack his brother linked to the nation’s government, despite its firm denial.

Hamid Mir was shot three times by gunmen in a car and on two motorcycles near Karachi’s airport, his network Geo News — a CNN affiliate — reported.

Shahid Hayat, the police chief for Karachi, said bullets struck Mir’s intestines, leg and pelvic area. Dr. Aamir Hussain told Geo News that Mir then underwent a successful operation at a private hospital.

Amir Mir — the targeted news anchor’s brother and a journalist himself — said Hamid Mir believed ISI, Pakistan’s powerful intelligence agency, and specifically its leader Lt. Gen. Zaheerul Islam, had plans to assassinate him.

Yet the Pakistani military public relations agency ISPR said that “raising allegations against ISI or the head of ISI without any basis is highly regrettable and misleading.”

In the same statement, a spokesman for that agency condemned the attack and “prayed for (Mir’s) well-being and quick recovery.”

A former newspaper reporter and editor, Hamid Mir writes columns and hosts a political talk show on Geo News. His guests have included members of Pakistan’s ruling government and the opposition. Mir is also writing a book on Osama bin Laden, the late al Qaeda leader whose escape from the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan he extensively reported on.

Two Pakistani governments — once in 2007 and again in 2008 — banned him from appearing on Pakistani television.

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  1. Mr. Mir is not a journalist. He has always had a typical mindset. He was seen sitting side by side with Bin Laden and always has a soft corner for his ideology. He publicly known to have a right wing columnsit struggling to prove Qaid-e-Azam a custodian of Shariah. Well why he has been against Pak Army ? it is not a secret. He is not against army because of that nonsense Democracy or freedom of expression or human rights……………he has taken a stance against army since Army has gone against Mr. Mir favorite Taliban and religious extremists. Whereas Geo news group reported to have a good deal of reward from US is exploiting his extreme sentiments. Mr. Mir openly has expressed his hatred for Ahamdi Muslims too.

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