Pilgrims keen to visit historical sites in Madinah


Pilgrims who come to Madinah to pray at Prophet’s Mosque also make it a point to visit old mosques and historic sites in the holy city. Since the start of the Umrah season in February, the number of pilgrims has been particularly large this week, due to the school spring vacation.

The sites that attract visitors include the ancient mosques of Quba and Al-Qiblatain in addition to the seven mosques. The visitors are also keen to visit the graves of the Uhud martyrs and the Jabal Al-Rumat (mountain of arrow throwers).

The visitors go to these places early morning in organized trips and are eager to take memorial photographs and video films.

“I was keen to visit the ancient mosques and the historic places so as to acquaint myself with the Madinah monuments,” Abdul Ghafour Shihabuddin, a Pakistani pilgrim, told Arab News.

He said Madinah had a special place in the hearts of Muslims all over the world.

Ahmed Samih, an Egyptian, said he visited Saudi Arabia several times to perform Umrah, and every time he was in Madinah he would make it a point not to miss going to Quba and Al-Qiblatain mosques and to the graves of the Uhud martyrs. “I am also keen to visit all the historic sites in Madinah, which are considered a real wealth and an outstanding legacy for Muslims everywhere,” he said.

Samih said every time he came to the Kingdom he would spend much time in Madinah.

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Pilgrims offer prayers in a number of historical mosques during their visit to Madinah. (AN photo)

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