How Jinnah’s Pakistan became Abul Kalam Azad’s Pakistan?

Did Azad Predict the break up of Pakistan? Yes he did.     In short Azad said that the two nation theory is a non starter. Economic interests of Muslim elite are the real reason for the formation of Pakistan. According to Ayesha Jalal and  Jawant Singh, for Jinnah, an awoved secularist, the debate was between a strongly centralized, Hindu (Brahmin dominated) Indian Federation a stand taken by Nehru or a loose confederation of three dominions supported by Muslim elite. Eventually Nehru’s narrow mindedness pushed Jinnah to opt for the formation of Pakistan. Jinnah knew and had not bought into the two nation theory anyway. Jinnah view of Pakistan was of a secular welfare democratic state. This was because Jinnah agreed with the Ahmadiyya view that secularim is an Islamic value. This solves the problem of why he used Islam in some of his speeches. Today if you hear the programme by Kamran Khan, you hear the tragic truth, and the fact that ignorant leaders, newscasters and audience in Pakistan get to hear that Azad was right in his predictions. Will Jinnah loose eventually? It certainly seems so for now.


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  1. Let’s not frighten away the Christians, but let’s join hands in Paki-bashing. Is that your notion of Universal Brotherhood, Anwar?
    If you knew what a hateful Hindu means when he uses the word “Paki” for a Pakistani you would never use it being a decent person. Suffice it to say that it is a dirty slur and a fair minded Hindu would not use it, let alone a Muslim with a Pakistani sounding name.

  2. How Jinnah’s Pakistan became Abul Kalam Azad’s Pakistan ?

    I’m sorry; it is not a fair reference to call it “Abul Kalam Azad’s Pakistan”.

    There has been more than one theory for the dissolution of Pakistan as a state; which were/are not all true.

    Besides that of Maulana Azad, the other good (theory) example is of Allama Inayat Ullah Khan Al-Mashriqi (for his famous speech in Lahore (1951) in criticism of the Government’s policies on Kashmir and Treatment of Minorities and Regional Languages.

    “Treatment of Human Rights in Pakistan” is what has been a concern (expressed) of the Political Scientists like Pandit Jawar Lal Nehru, Maulana Azad, Maulan Hasrat Mohani (member of Muslim League Council), Prime Minister Churchil and many more.

    Neither Maulana Azad nor any other Political Leader predicted that Pakistan will fall to the ruthless clutches of Jihadi Mullahs; because the Mullahs (back then) were already associated with All India National Congress (who opposed Pakistan) and were not expected to have any considerable political profile in Pakistan.

    It was the Pseudo-Adventurism of Mian Mumtaz Muhammad khan Daultana (1953) and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (1974) that gave the prime opportunity to the Mullah to “mislead” the Public Opinion.

    This experiment (stalled twice) was then hooked up more methodically by General Zial UlHaque – as his own religious duty (he always took pride in calling himself a follower of the Mullahs of Deoband).

    When Mullahs gained power, the first thing they DID jeopardise is “The Human Rights” in ABSOLUTE CONTRADICTION TO THE ISLAMIC TEACHINGS.

    That is how Jinnah’s Pakistan became Mullahs’ Pakistan – as we see it today.

    • Thank you Shahid sahib and Zafarullah Sahib for insightful comments. I must say that I hold Pakistan’s elite and upper middle class more at fault than the Mullah’s. It is the sheer spinelessness of our educated elite, whose ultimate purpose is to maintain a statusquo to mainly keep their life styles going, and abdication of all moral or religious leadership to the half educated mullahs that resulted in what Pakistan is today. It is not that Pakistan has not and is not capable of producing high quality leadership. We live in such mediocre times when dwarfs rule the world of politics. Perhaps there is a divine scheme to make people realise that their really is not recourse to finding good leadership except to submit to a higher organizing principle, the time of which has come. That organizing principle is the divine led Khilafat, the only institution that will be left standing while everything around it falls apart like false gods.

  3. Abul-Kalam knew the mindset and, sadly, Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was too westernized and too urban to notice the tendencies. Folks around him were the future beneficiaries or those who thought they knew how to control the masses or some idealists.
    People in the areas that now form Pakistan respect only brute force, especially when it come from outside. Delhi, during the Muslim era, ruled over these areas, whenever it could, with a fort near each city. The British ruled these areas with brute force, and bribery as the situation demanded. In recent history a Sikh, Ranjit Singh, held sway briefly over some parts but he too used brute force against a major part of the population.
    The mindset is that of might is right; anyone who has some power wants to use it to the hilt just like an armed robber. Perhaps that is why in the old days this area was considered Rakhshish country; it was a cove of robbers. Further perhaps Maulana Abul-Kalam Azad knew of the tendencies from the early history of India, aside from his stated “reasons”.
    The main question is can we set the country straight. I think we can with suitable education and with a busy life-style. Education that is geared more towards preparing the students to do specific jobs, in offices, in industry or in agriculture. Also of help will be education that imparts basic religious knowledge and imparts the attitude of respecting other faiths. The busy life-style is a bit tricky, the West achieved it by introducing credit and we cannot. But we can bring in the notions of social work.

  4. How Jinnah’s Pakistan became Abul Kalam Azad’s Pakistan ? – Part Two:-

    My Very Dear Brothers;

    The truth is that;

    Pakistan has an extremely painful and sad history of betrayals and treachery – it is not what we see on the mere skin; the disease is far too deep under.

    This is true that;

    The ruling elite of Pakistan is responsible for giving way to Mullahs to get into the national politics – OR – more correctly throwing the innocent public to the hands of Mullahs.

    This is also true that;

    Pakistani society can heal from its contemporary ills – by education and hard work.


    BUT – what the intelligentsia needs “Not to Forget” is that:-

    1. Islam in India was constantly targeted by the Christian and Hindu Clergy.

    2. Maharaja Ranjit Singh protected Muslims from British and weakling Mughals and stood up to provide the Freedom of Religion.

    Faqir Syed Nurudin was his Prime Minister and Custodian of the entire Sikh Empire.

    When Mughals were seen giving way to the British; most of the monuments belonging to Rasoole Karim saw and Khulafae Rashideen ra, were purchased and safely brought to Lahore and preserved in sanctuary.

    3. SIKHA-SHAHI and Maharaja Ranjit Sigh are TWO DIFFERENT ENTITIES AND PHENOMENON, altogether.

    4. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad; despite all his literary attire, was after all an associate of Jamiate Ulamae Hind – (of Deoband); and represented them all across the Congress.

    5. Mr. Jinnah had the affluent support from all the rest of Muslims; from Bengal to Qalat, and of course including the Imam Jamaat Ahmadiyya. The people who were so very close to life.

    There is ample evidence about the “grass root” approach of Mr. Jinnah.
    (General Musharaf was not the first one to use this phrase).

    6. Irony is that soon after August 14, 1947; the Original Muslim League Leadership was “forcefully” put to elimination:-

    Mr. Jinnah was let die on the road side.

    Mir Jafar khanJamali was barred from active politics: Remember, he was the one who caused Baluchistan to join Pakistan.

    Nawab Mushtaq Ahmed Khan – emissary of Nizam to arrange allegiance with Pakistan was jailed in Karachi.

    Ms. Fatima Jinnah was made to live in “house arrest” throughout her life.


    Please look at the following “compulsive political replacements”:-

    Sindh :-
    Mir Jafar Khan Jamali and Mr. G. M. Syed with Mr. Ayub Khuro

    Punjab :-
    Nawab Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mamdot with Mr. Mumtaz Muhammad Khan Daultana

    Sarhad :-
    Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar with Khan Abdul Qayum Khan

    Baluchistan :-
    Mr. Akbar Bugti and Khan of Qalat (an Ahmadi Ruler of the State) with Mr. Esa Qazi.

    East Pakistan :-
    H. S. Suharwardi with Mr. Abu Hussain Sarkar

    Also please note that Mr. Bugti’s interview and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s meeting with Mr. Jinnah were obliterated.

    It really sounds as if the Muslim League Leadership (the mother of the masses) was snatched away from the public(its children).

    Pakistan DOES HAVE a painful and sad history of betrayals and treachery – it is REALLY not what we see on the mere skin; the disease is far too deep under.

    IN THE EARLY YEARS; what we DO see of Chaudhry Sir Muhammada ZafarUllah Khan Sahib, Mian Abdul Bari Sahib, Khawaja Nazim uDin Sahib, Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar Sahib, Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi Sahib, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Sahib and their associates (between 1948 – 1956) is:-

    “all what they tried in holding the fort”.

    Mohtaram Ustad Daman was jailed for describing the Muslim League Leadership of those days, as the following:-

    “Mein Labhna othey Piyar noo, Jithey Bache Khani Maan” !!

    (translation) -:- I expect affection from a mother that gobbles (eats) her own children.

    I sincerely wish and I really mean it that Allah may guide all Pakistanis and those who care about the eminence of Pakistan, to carefully listen to what the sincere leaders have been telling. Amen.


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  5. How Jinnah’s Pakistan became Abul Kalam Azad’s Pakistan ? – Part Three:-

    Dr. Abdul Alim Sahib;

    It may PLEASE not be misunderstood (by any chance) that I have a narrow focus on Pakistan; what I am trying to convey is that:-

    1. FORTUNATELY it was Jamaat Ahmadiyya that helped Muslims of India and other parts of the world in gaining independence from the Colonial Powers.

    2. The Political Philosophy (as practiced) by the Heads of Jamaat Ahmadiyya stands time tested to be the “RIGHT ONE”, because it strictly falls within the realms of Islamic Teachings.

    The entire (original) Muslim League Leadership remained on the very same page with Imam Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

    3. It is the Mullahs from Pakistan; who first enjoyed the Power Game in Pakistan and STILL ARE – and then successfully sold (exported) their experience(s) to the Less Popular Leaderships in Bangla Desh, Indonesia and lately in India; to misuse the religion to gain instant popularity.

    They appear to have been thoroughly infested and swamped with the Mullah Ideology and that is a point of concern for all Peace Loving People of the World.

  6. Thanks to jinnah who gave us a land to spend our lives with freedom. Whatever we are facing some of issues like curuptions and terrorism but stlll it is a priceless for Muslims. Unlike Indian Muslims unfortunately, where is maulana azad. Why didn’t he merge his followers into Muslim leagues. What is facing Indian Muslims in india

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