Bike Riders vow to burn Ahmadiyya property in Kenema

Pandemonium broke loose in the township of Kenema city causing business people to close their shops and pack their wares while parents rushed to schools to collect their children on Thursday morning 22nd March 2012.
According to reports a motor bike rider Aruna Lansana of Koryagbema section in Kenema city on Thursday morning entered the Nasir Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary school compound situated along Wahman Abu road and Dauda town section with an unregistered motor bike.
While in the process of leaving the compound it is alleged that he hit one of the school pupils Jebeh Kamara of 1 Amie Kallon street of Dauda town section.
Speaking to the press one of the teachers on the scene J. Y. Brown explained that he arrested the boy with the motor bike and called the police. A traffic police came to the school compound, and in the process of taking the boy to board the bike for him to be taken to the police he ran away. He was then chased by a group of angry school pupils who later aggressively got hold of him outside the school compound. Further reports states that he was taken to the hospital where he was reported to have died.
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  1. Kenema is in Sierra Leone. After lived in Sierra Leone for 6 years, I wish this news will not have been posted. This isolated incident does not refelect the values and the noble character of people of Sierra Leone.

    Long Live Sierra Leone

    • Well, it is ‘local News’, but we are grateful for your comments to ‘balance things out a bit’. I also know the people of West Africa only as very tolerant. Long Live Africa! (I lived only in Ghana and Nigeria) (with short visits to Senegal and Kenya).

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