This Time it was Acting Ambassador of Pakistan in Germany!


Zubair Khan

Acting Ambassador Of Pakistan in Germany Mr Mazhar Javed with Secretary of German Journalists (left) and head of Asian Desk Mr. S Haq briefing the German Journalists

This time Mr Mazhar Javed, Acting Ambassador of Pakistan in Germany, accompanied by Mr Ghulam Haider, Press Counselor  Pak Embassy Berlin, who briefed the German Journalist group intend visiting Pakistan from end March to start of April-2012. Every year one or two such groups representing, German Journalists Centre, visit the Pakistan. The aim of visit, how participants are selected and what outcomes such visits bring, was taboo not to be disclosed. Visits are mainly sponsored by Embassy of Pakistan with some share by participants and before the departure, group is introduced history, culture, ongoing developments, serious challenges being confronted by the Pakistan and ways and means to face these challenges. As it happens in such formal meetings, a documentary was displayed on beamer containing details about area, population and political system of Pakistan.  Relations with Germany, bilateral trade activities and high profile visits between both the countries were highlighted. To guard against terrorism,  it was told that 150,000 soldiers man the Western Border of Pakistan with 900 military post relative to 112 post manned by NATO comprising of 42 countries. With lot of pride it was told that up till now 17742 terrorists either have been killed or arrested. Pakistan so for lost 6600 soldiers with 19919 seriously wounded. Acting Ambassador told that since 9/11 3500 bomb blasts rocked Pakistan including 300 suicidal attacks. He also informed that 10720 police personnel so far killed and wounded in fight against terror. He was honest enough to accept fearful fabric of society and worsened international image of Pakistan due to terrorism.


 Group Photo of German Journalists intend visiting Pakistan

After having finished with presentation acting Ambassador was confronted with few burning questions.  The questions included, why Embassy does not update the German press with latest efforts. Why Pakistan Army and ISI supporting specific factions of Taliban. How women are treated in Pakistan and worsening human right situation of minorities in Pakistan. A very interesting question came as to how much freedom the visiting journalists will have to make their own assessment of real situation of Pakistan.  Program depicting schedule of visits to various places indicated that it is a Pakistani Government sponsored program with the likely hood the journalists will be taken only to those chosen places which can feed them only with good image of Pakistan. Replies to raised questions were shaky and based on circular reasoning. In each reply argument was given the negative image of Pakistan is only the opinion of writers having no bearing with the facts on ground. Later, on dining table, many German Journalists showed their dissatisfaction for not accepting the truth by the diplomatic chief representing Pakistan. From the briefing it appeared that diplomatic chief was either not fully prepared for the event or lacked the latest knowledge about the country. On such occasions better option should have been full analysis of existing situation coupled with efforts being done to face such challenges. Data, comprising efforts done by Pakistan to combat terrorism was impressive.  However presentation could have been much better if it had contained analysis and solutions to the problems.  Though it is a very good effort of Pakistan Embassy to sponsor Journalists of Germany to visit Pakistan and examine on spot the realities prevailing in Pakistan, but at the same time one cannot ignore the negative aspects which have worsened the international image of the country. Later Mr Shamsul Haq Qudoos, the only recognized Pakistani Origin Journalist by the German Journalists Organization, also the head of  South Asian Desk in Germany and main force behind this project, tried to do justice by playing two videos containing positive and negative aspects of the country.  Similarly on dining table efforts were made by Pakistani origin journalists, Mr Qamar Ata, Sh Muzaffar and Mr Irfan Khan to brief the group with more details. One has now to wait for the visit and its outcome.

One aspect which needs immediate attention is the proper working of Pakistani diplomatic missions abroad.  Germany is an extremely important European country.  In my opinion Pakistani diplomats should have stayed for the whole duration of this briefing event.  But it appeared that Pakistani diplomatic officials coming from Berlin were more eager to accompany the Consul General of Frankfurt rather than giving company to German Journalists. It is a tragic fact that personal agenda gets priority relative to nation building agenda, an unfortunate phenomenon, which has engulfed the whole governing machinery of Pakistan. One could easily feel the same attitude in Pakistani diplomatic officials of Germany. Being a loyal and faithful Pakistani it is our duty to point out the weaknesses with the hope that instead of getting angry some improvement from Pakistani diplomats will be shown in future assignments.

Actual Report.

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  1. It is routine matter Pakistani officials seldome prefer nation building agenda over personal agenda. The moment this mind setting will change the situaiton in the country will start improving.

  2. I too wish that the mind-set of Pakistani Officials changes – but I think it does not look so happening, at least any sooner.

    Pakistani Diplomats have become Sacks and what the world sees from them is the Stuff they have been filled with and that is:-

    “Apathy” – it prevails all over the country and takes lead over anything else.

    “Distorted History” is what they have been taught and they have been trained on a curriculum (civil services academy) that does not include the “True National Heroes and their Sacrifices”.

    “Nepotism” is given priority over “Merit”.

    “Sympathy with Radicals”; which has become “THE BIGGEST PEER PRESSURE” in Pakistani Bureaucratic Cadres.

    I join you to wish for the best and I sincerely pray for the same.

    Still Keep wishing there comes again, any; Mumtaz Hasan, Syed Hashim Raza, B. A. Qureshi, M. M. A. Isphahani, Yousuf Haroon, Aziz Ahmad, Shaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah, S.K. Dehlavi OR a Malik Ghulam Jilani.

  3. How Truely you have analyzed the situation of Pakistan. I also join you in good wishes for the motherland. Let us keep the hopes alive.

  4. Thank You – Zubair for your sincere opinion.

    Is Muzaffar ulHasan Sheikh a subscriber to the Muslim Times ?
    If not, can you please relay this post to him. Thanks.

  5. As per understandable ground realities; the Governments (Federal or Provincials) in Pakistan are no more able to deliver the “needed” chunk of :Social Wisdom:

    Look at the “Shrinkage of Abilities” in that society. May be it is for the NGOs and charities to do the job, now.

  6. Which Muzaffar you mean? Reporter for Jang in Germany. He was present in the breifing and would like to analyse it as per his own perception. If you mean same can introduce him the Blog.
    NGOs and charities working in Pakistan also do not enjoy good reputation abroad at least here in Germany.

  7. I mean Muzaffar ulHasan Sheikh and yes, he reports for Jang.Please do introduce the blog to him.

    By the way – he is one of those Persons of Pakistani origin; who (do not like to express a lot about them)have an exceptionally big background in knowledge and activism.

    “Muzaffar aged-17 was one of the “Founders” of PPP. The PPP menifesto was co-edited by him and Ayub Khan jailed him for that.”

    Such wise people of opinion should know the blog and may contribute. JazakAllah.

  8. Dear Brother, below is a part of my heart:-

    When Governments fail to “perform their state duties”, then it is painfully metaphorical to say that the NGOs and Charities to do the job.

    It is painful to think that a country of great traditions and background; having all what is desirable for a progressive modern state, has fallen to the merciless hands of incapacitated bunch of politicians.

    I find it very hard reconciling with the situation, for example:-

    Jahangir Badar becoming Federal Minister of Science & Technology – A person who has never known a bit about science and he pronounced Science as “Scaence” throughout his tenor.

    Firdous Ashiq Awan becoming Federal Minister of Information and Media – people like Faiz Ahmed Faiz Sahib, Saqib Zeervi Sahib, Khalid Hasan, Syed Amjad Hussain, Mian Mohammad Shafi (Meem Sheen) Hamid Akhtar Sahib and many others must be feeling happy that it happened after they had left.

  9. By mentioning Jahangir Badar you made me also look back in the past when he was Minister Petrolium. Once I with one of his fast firend met him in Lahore. His friend asked aobut his welfare. In typical Lahori punjabi he with cunning smile said that each month croes of rupees he is earning. So was and is the standard of our nation. Let us wait for some miracle to happen.

  10. You are right, it is how its!

    Badar was a good friend and batch-mate;born and raised inside Bhati Gate – the Proud Birth Place of the True Lahori Dialect of Punjabi;
    a hard working student leader of his time, who “resisted the Mullah influence” for good Ten years; yet was never a fit for that portfolio.

    Such inappropriate appointments cause decline of the institutions.

  11. In order of priority government tops the list of such responsibility. If not why then government officials were directed to brief the group of journalists.

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