Why American Atheists are advertising to Jews and Muslims

Source: the Guardian

American Atheists billboard adverts

American Atheists is an educational organization; we always intended to inform, to make people think. We never avoid being provocative, though that’s not the goal. We have not only a right, but a duty to speak the truth and to be heard. So our recent billboard campaign in Brooklyn and New Jersey, handy to neighborhoods where many Jews or Muslims live, was carefully designed to do exactly what they have done elsewhere and are successfully doing now: getting the attention of atheists and inviting them to the Reason Rally in Washington, DC, on Saturday 24 March, and to the American Atheists national convention immediately afterwards (25-26 March) in nearby Bethesda, MD.

We’re not out to irritate or insult those who disagree with us, but we’re also unwilling to be intimidated by them, unwilling to let them control or suppress our message. (If Pepsi starts letting Coke decide where their ads should be placed or what they should say, let us know and maybe we’ll reconsider.) If we can get conversations, civilized arguments, and fresh reconsiderations going with our billboards, so much the better. Religious leaders aren’t ever our concern and we have no interest in their self-serving advice. Valid ideas of any kind can be debated without any need for phony reverence, pretentiousness, or special privileging.

Editor’s note: Reality or myth? Why a need of community if no religious rites are to be observed?


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  1. Theism verus atheism

    Arguments can be long winded on both sides, so on a lighter note let me share a true incident from the life history of the second Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad, may Allah be pleased with him.

    He used to hold question answer sessions in Qadian, India and once a staunch atheist came to these sessions and as a prelude to his question argued his case for atheism for almost half an hour and Ahmad kept on listening with a smile.

    After the atheist was done Ahmad had only sentence to say to him. He said, “I find it very amusing that you are trying to prove to me that God does not exist, whereas He hears my prayers and reveals Himself to me in diverse ways on a frequent basis. So, what can I make of your arguments?”

    So, in my opinion if the revelation of the Holy Quran speaks to the hearts and minds of a billion and a half Muslims, they could care less for the long winded arguments of the atheists, majority of whom are actually reacting to dogma of Christianity or a broken cross, any ways!

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