I was tricked into spot-Fixing

Source: Cricinfo

Author: David Hopps

“I ask everyone to forgive me,” he said. “I messed up… Thanks to Allah I have taught myself to distinguish between right and wrong. I have never done anything wrong. I was manipulated.”…








…Amir told Sky that he did not admit guilt during an investigation by the ICC because “I could not find the courage.” Instead, he placed the blame firmly upon Butt, a man who he learned to view in the Pakistan Academy, before his international debut, as a rare example of a friendly senior player eager to encourage him. “I was so angry with Salman,” Amir said. “He took advantage of my friendship. And I used to respect him like an elder brother.”

 Click here for the Video of the Interview

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  1. This is not the first Pakistani player accused of match fixing. As a member of a Islamic State, we expect more from the Pakistani players to show in actions the fear of Allah as they often pray and call on Allah’s name in front of the world media. The players represent a country, a nation and a indirectly a religion so please be in the best of your behavior for the sake of Allah, your country and your nation!

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