Children of Abraham: Event invites people of all faiths to gather as family

On March 29, Muslims, Jews and Christians will gather in Lincoln’s Westminster Presbyterian Church for food and fellowship.

The event, Children of Abraham: A Family Gathering, will be Lincoln’s first ever Niagara Abrahamic Traditions Dinner. Its goal: to create lasting cross-cultural friendships, understanding and respect.

Our homes and churches are different. But we are coming together in a peaceful way

The Abrahamic dinner is a collaboration of Westminster Presbyterian and Saint Paul United Methodist churches, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun (South Street Temple), Niagara Foundation of Nebraska, Afghan Renascent Youth Association and Interfaith Ministries of Nebraska ……….

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheist faiths coming from the prophet Abraham. Christianity was born from the Jewish tradition, and Islam developed from both Judaism and Christianity.

Despite their vast differences, the faiths share many common tenets, such as believing there is one God and cherishing values of honesty, respect and acceptance. Those commonalities will be the primary focus of the evening, said the Rev. Robert Snell, interim pastor at Westminster. Read more:    

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