EU withdraws £106,000 ‘racist’ propaganda video

The European Union has withdrawn a £106,000 propaganda video promoting itself as a force for world peace after complaints of “racism”.

Last week’s short “viral” internet film shows a white woman, dressed in gold and blue clothes, the colours of the EU’s flag, overcoming threatening, dark-skinned martial arts assailants. First the EU heroine, modelled on the martial arts film Kill Bill, is menaced by a Chinese Kung Fu master. Then a second threat appears as a urbaned practitioner of Kalaripayattu, a southern Indian martial art, levitates towards her brandishing a scimitar. As she turns to face the new menace, a third black assailant with dreadlocks cartwheels aggressively towards her before striking a Capoeira pose, the Brazilian martial art. But staring at the men, the woman does not fight. Splitting into 12 versions of herself, the number of stars on the EU’s flag, she encircles the men, who drop their weapons and aggressive fighting stances.

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  1. ………..As if they dint know that when these videos were first produced; some of them at least decades ago.

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