The Islamic Solution to Stop Domestic Violence

Source: Huffington Post

By: Qasim Rashid

Critics incorrectly allege that Islam command’s husband’s to beat their wives, often citing the Quran verse 4:34. Unfortunately, like any Muslim man who harms his wife, critics miss the keen wisdom in verse 4:34 that actively pre-empts domestic violence.

In Virginia, I provide pro bono legal support to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Virtually all of our clients are female. Every nine seconds — nearly 10,000 victims daily — a woman in the United States is abused. In America, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women, more than car accidents, muggings  and rape — combined.  Would those who blame Islam for domestic violence also blame Christianity every nine seconds?

Before addressing this question, consider Dr. James Q. Wilson’s perspective — America’s pre-eminent social scientist. He cites the medical fact that the part of the brain that stimulates anger and aggression is larger in men than in women. Likewise, the part of the brain that restrains anger is smaller in men than in women. Simply put, men are far more prone to violence and far less capable of self-restraint than women.

But this is not a “cop out” argument. Part of the problem is that our laws only punish men after the violence has already occurred. We implement educational and rehabilitation programs to decrease and diminish other illnesses, allowing the individual to function in society without harm to him or herself or to others. Likewise, stopping domestic violence means acting to eliminate even initial infractions.

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6 replies

  1. Islam shuns intolerance and violence in all its forms and manifestations including domestic and non domestic in the name of religion or any name. The Holy Prophet SAW said earlier nations were destroyed because if week and poor would do something wrong he would be punished and if influential and rich will do the same would be ignored. The absence of absolute justice in our dealings is most needed on daily basis. Often simple claims are not enough practical demonstration is required in all spheres of life including homes as charity begins at home. Islam therefore advocates for peace love and affection at all levels but mullahs of the time do not understand this. Often we see irregular and out of order punishments are awarded in the name of religion by religious leaders when Islam stands for peace and absolute justice, peace cannot be established without absolute justice so long and empty of substance speeches would not do any good.

  2. Violence of women against men is hundred times higher. Women have doble violence, not available to men: 1) own violence, to kill babies before or after birth and to abuse children. And 2) women use violence of men against men. Indians vs. Indians tactic. Before, she pointed her finger at a villager, now she calles police.

    No man can match the violence of women.
    Men and their families are helpless.
    She can easily plunder his life savings, turn him into a bonded laborer, bastardize his kids or put him in jail. The violence against women is surprisingly small, in relation to abuse men suffer, from the first date.
    Our feminist dictatorship is based on violence against men, comitted by our female rulers and their collaborators. And women loose in the long run too, because all women depend on exploitation of men (because women consume more than produce).

  3. For at least 3 years I was in the Family Law court where I came across all kinds of demotic abuses then for a short while I was in the department that deals with Domestic Violence cases.

    Here fortunately, we do not have a high number Muslim victims. However, there is a fair share of divorce cases.

    The recommendation in the Quran to punish the outrageously disobeying wife does not rise to the level of domestic violence given various readings of the verse.

    Clearly though, more than 98% Muslim husband do not practice it. The small percentage who take to violence cannot be said to be true and compassionate Muslims. The verse needs to explained with options and re conciliatory process advocated in Islam.

  4. I am surprised at the statement of Mr. Equalist. I do not know if it is his observation or experience. But surely the bitterness against woman is felt strongly.
    In fact evil intentioner, be it a man or woman both can supersede each other when it comes to causing trouble. It depends who gets the chance.
    This is what Islam deal with strictly. Islam nips evil it by the root.
    We always see in our daily lives that whenever in school or office or elsewhere even if a little group of people is formed one of them is given the key task of command and decision. Why? to have everything under control and get the things organized. So is a family. A group of people. So one of them is given more power over the other’s. The man being stronger and being responsible for the providing of the family is given more authority but it dose not degrade the wife as she is too given a lots of rights and privileges, provided she also understood the importance of her duty for being in a family.
    In fact husband and wife both have to be loving, caring, honest, friendly and yet respectful to each other. As Mr. Equalist mentioned that a woman can easily mar the purity of the progenies, that is why she is not allowed to go out unnecessarily and without the Knowledge of her husband.To this Islamic command much uproar is raised whereas this is the ultimate demand of a common sense.
    Likewise a man should not stay way or leave the house without informing his wife. There is not a single command in Islam that a man must not ask his wife or a woman must not ask her husband where he was going. Or why was he late. not at all. She can too ask him about his schedules and whereabouts.
    Islam demands a friendly relationship between a wife and a husband. Not that of a master and slave.
    Man is given the glad tiding of seeking Allah’s pleasure even by putting a morsal of food in the wife’s mouth with love.The Holy Prophet regraded women as fragile” glasses”. And said be polite with them. Do not use force on them. hence you might damage them.
    Islam asks a man to choose a pious wife while marrying. Because this is the most essential thing for a life time relation. So the fundamental thing in marriage is piety.Islam says the best gift that Allah gives to any man is a pious wife.

    Man is asked to protect her, provide her needs, take care of his children according to his earnings.Should feed them what he eats, Should dress them as he dresses.
    And asks a woman to be content and never ask him more then his capacity. And woman is supposed to be to be his trusty, specially in his absence, take care of his wealth kids and honour. She should not spend, give or borrow without his knowledge.. And never allow any man in the house when she is alone but only her father, real brothers nephews etc. The men that she cannot marry. She should obey her husband in what Allah has asked her to obey. And she must not obey in which Allah has forbidden her to obey.
    This is far better and easy then raising illegitimate kids at home.
    By the grace of God Islamic family system and values are a source of bliss. By adopting them one can raise a role model family.
    If only people knew what God wants them to spend the lives like. Many troubles will be over. Insha’Allah.

  5. Anisa has summarized a normal, natural marriage, that has existed since the beginning of human civilization, thus predating Islam for a few million years, since early paleolithic period.
    She describes the only viable and socially beneficial marriage possible.
    All other “innovations” are dead-ends and socially destructive – only rich societies can allow themselves such waste of human resources.

    NOTE: Previous comments explain why Ahmadiyya Muslims are viewed by some as collaborators with our feminist dictatorship. My reply is that we all collaborate, because we are all afraid of our misadric police state.

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