Libyan rebels desecrate graves of British war heroes

Libyan rebels, freed from the regime of Colonel Gaddafi, have been captured on film smashing the graves of more than 150 British soldiers killed in North Africa during the Second World War.


In the videos posted online, headstones marking the final resting place of the famous Desert Rats in the Benghazi War Cemetery were torn down and crucifixes attacked with hammers. More than 1,000 soldiers from the 7th Armoured Division were buried there after serving in the battle for control of Libya and Egypt between 1941 and 1943. The men in the footage, seen by the Mail on Sunday, are heard saying: “They are dogs, they are dogs.”  Among the graves defiled by the extremists was the gravestone commemorating the Reverend Geoffrey Bond, who was the chaplain to the forces until his death in 1941 at the age of 30. His nephew, David Bell, told the newspaper the cemetery attack was “greatly upsetting, a disaster.” Describing the reverend, he said: “I was only a baby when he died but my mother absolutely adored him. “She spoke of his special aura, a way he had of making everyone feel better about themselves.”


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  1. a shame – and totally unnecessary. Libya has other ‘challenges’. Let them clean the roads. There are millions of plastic bags all along the highways… (could even be recycled for profit, but then money is not the problem in Libya)…

  2. I am saddened that most of the graves were of Australian soldiers whose souls have always rested peacefully for 60+ years in the soil of Libya. This is the work of a few idiots with no respect, no brains and no soul.

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