State of the Ummah Address


By Daniel Oliver
We have left the testimony of laa ilaaha illa-llaah for the statement “I am a Muslim”
There is no zakaa- purification and increase of wealth-;  only ribaa-
usurious transactions
There is no amr bi-lma’ruuf- commanding the good- and nahi
‘ani-lmunkar- forbidding evil-;  only gossip and speeches
There is no sincere advice;  only backbiting and slander
We don’t date our calendars from the Hijra, but rather 9/11
We don’t take pride in hifth of the Qur-aan; only in our fluency in English
There is no brotherhood;  only tribalism, ethnic pride, racism and nationalism
There is no sunna in our lives;  only culture
We don’t have a deen;  only ceremony
We went from giving the traveler his or her rights to oppressing
religious and ethnic minorities
Instead of protecting our brothers and sisters from the kuffaar, we
traffic them from their war-torn countries into prostitution
There is no jihaad for the sake of Allaah;  only for the sake of
“democracy” and US interests
Virtue has become vice and vice has become virtue (Ever heard the one
about the niqabi who works as a stripper, or the hijabi who’s a
We don’t remember Allaah for thikr;  only to swear false oaths (“wa-llaah,…”)
We left the Qur-aan for our mobile phones
We left Tahajjud- the night prayer- for late night movies
We left the circles of knowledge for parties
We turn from knowledgeable people to face businessmen
Our heroes are athletes, not the great Muslims of yesterday and today
We don’t give  bayá- oath of allegiance- to the knowledgeable and
righteous;  only to the munaafiquun- hypocrites
We don’t defend our lands and lives;  we join the kuffaar against them
When the kuffaar praise us, we are proud;  when they deride us, we feel shame
We only the see the virtues of the kuffaar, and the faults of the Muslims
We have left the pleasure of Allaah for the approval of “western” culture
We forbid polygyny (multiple wives) and allow zinaa- fornication and adultery
We protest when the Qur-aan is desecrated, but we desecrate it,
reciting it with the same mouths that curse, and lie, and smoke, and
The Qur-aan used to be in front of us, now we have thrown it behind our backs
We demand that the kuffaar respect Muhammad (sAáws);  but we ignore him
We gain weight in the month of fasting
We only turn to Allaah when nothing else works, forgetting that He is
the First and the Last
We have left Islam, and what remains is a name, a ceremony.  Our
numbers, the billions of dollars of weapons we have accumulated, our
education and skills, our wealth, and everything we have do not
benefit us.  We are like the foam of the sea, worthless, because we
love the dunyaa (lower) and hate death- our meeting with Allaah.  And
He will not change what is with us, until we change ourselves.  And
let not the righteous amongst you relax, for his punishment does not
only affect the evildoers…

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