Syria: All contradictions run through one road!


During my participation in a seminar on regional relations, one of the participants asked me about my opinion with regard to the Chinese and Russian positions toward Syria.

Two points on this issue. First, if I am for change and for granting the Syrian people their inalienable rights, then I must be against President Assad and his bloody regime. This will also place me in a situation where I should criticize the Russian and Chinese latest positions at the United Nations. Also I should support the Syrian opposition to realize its objectives even if this requires external military intervention. Second, if consider what is taking place in Syria is a matter of an American conspiracy, then I might be supporting the Russian and Chinese position.

And yet, matters should not be seen in this rather simplistic black/while term. Indeed, the positions of both Russia and China on other issues such as Libya and Iraq reveal that ideology is not a factor in their foreign policy. Therefore, saying that China’s position was a traditional one is funny, to say the least. Therefore, the question should be about the motives of both countries to adopt such a position. In other words, they adopt a position against the will of the Syrian people while simultaneously they failed to contribute in putting an end to the ongoing bloodbath in Syria. On the contrary, they offered the Assad’s regime the opportunity and the umbrella to continue his crackdown on people. There is no reason to make us believe that Assad would have acted differently. His security approach is destined to continue unchecked. Ideological regimes are afraid of any other means rather than the security approach. They do not see eye to eye with the argument that a genuine and well functioning state is the one that is based on planning and freedom according to legal frameworks.

The Russian and Chinese veto at the United Nations Security Council was motivated by a number of considerations that have little to do with the Syrian affairs in particular. Their strategies clash with that of America and the West.


NOTE BY THE EDITOR: It is recommended to read the full article to get a more broad understanding of Russia’s and China’s position on Syria.

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