Now for some home truths

WE in the media have spared no effort to vilify the civilian elected politician but our vigour seems to taper off dramatically in the case of other significant players in the country.

Take for example a news item in this newspaper on Wednesday which said four armed Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) members were arrested by the police at a road check-post near Rawalpindi-Islamabad airport but were taken away by men identifying themselves as intelligence officials.

We’ll of course not comment on this link between the unnamed intelligence agency and armed men belonging to a militant group blamed for carrying out terror attacks in the commercial capital of a neighbouring country.

They are all patriotic and clean with only the country’s best interest at heart. Also, because there isn’t any ‘evidence’ that JuD or its predecessor Lashkar-i-Taiba or others like them have ever been involved in terrorism or any anti-Pakistan activity on ‘our soil’. This has been the case for years.

A senior Islamabad journalist once told me of an unreported incident in Multan where a couple of armed men had just executed a sectarian murder when their motorcycle broke down and they were picked up pretty nigh red-handed by a policemen who chanced to be passing through the area.

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