First Ahmadi Muslim Appointed as Honorary Judge, in Germany

Source: Kashmir Life:

By Zubair Khan

Note by Editor:

About honorary Judges in German judicial system;

It is a constitutional judicial tradition in German higher courts regulated through relevant laws that a division bench of three judges sits in a particular case hearing, out of which only one judge is the professional judge of the court and the other two judges are honorary judges comprising of qualified, experienced and respectable citizens, fulfilling the relevant laid down criteria’s  and appointed on the recommendations of the administration after proper selection procedure through a committee of jury’s headed by the president of the relevant court. This represents the participation, contribution and opinion of people (society) and citizens in providing justice under the German judicial system. All the judges have equal rights and vote.


Due to the sheer grace of Allah, Dr. Syed Basharat has been honored by the city of Bonn, (state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) by appointing him as an honorary Judge at the Landgericht Bonn (Regional Courts Bonn), the higher court above the District court (Amtsgericht) for a period of five years from January 2014 to December 2018. Landgericht is the regional appellate court in the German judicial system.

He has the privilege to be the first person with foreign background to be appointed to this prestigious position. Ameer sahib Germany wrote him that it is an honor for the Jamaat as well, as he happens to be the first Ahmadi in Germany to have this honor.

Dr. Syed Basharat being basically an animal production scientist, finds it an honor to be appointed to this prestigious honorary position.

For achievements of Dr. Syed Basharat Ahmad Shah and original link to article click HERE.

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