Day: January 5, 2014

PM Sharif among billionaire lawmakers

The mystery of Raiwind palace ownership Iftikhar A. Khan and Kalbe Ali PM Sharif among billionaire lawmakers   iSLAMABAD: The ownership of the Raiwind palace spread over thousands of acres is a mystery because it has never been mentioned in the statements of assets and liabilities of Prime Minister Nawaz […]

Before Malala there was Asma Jahangir

By: Jim Coyle News, Published on Sat Jan 04 2014 The Toronto Star, Human rights campaigner Asma Jahangir says the older generation of women who fought for equality “are all the proud mothers of our Malalas.” She’s just 16, yet known worldwide — as the ultra-famous are — by a […]

eDigest: General Musharaf and Pakistan

Ex.  President Pervez Musharaf Lead article by Munir Varraich, Sweden   General Musharaf and Pakistan By Munir Varraich, Sweden Let us not forget that it was a secular minded soldier President who took a bold decision after 9/11 and tried to put the Pakistani Mindset on the… Unemployed in Europe Stymied by Lack of […]