Day: January 24, 2014

The terrorism games?

MARK GALEOTTI ARABNEWS.COM Published — Saturday 25 January 2014 What is the price of security? Three billion US dollars, it seems, as far as the Russians are concerned. Even in the midst of an economic slowdown, they have committed unparalleled resources to protect the Sochi Winter Olympics from terrorists, who […]

Gays can be cured’: Pope’s new cardinal

Source: The Local. Homosexuality is a defective manner of expressing sexuality, because this [sex] has a structure and a purpose, which is procreation,” Fernando Sebastián told Spanish local daily Diario Sur. “A homosexual who can’t achieve this [procreation] is failing,” said the man who will take up office in the Vatican […]

Ghost ship with cannibal rats approaching UK?

Source: TOI A ghost ship carrying nothing but disease-ridden rats could be about to make land on Britain’s shore, experts have warned. The Lyubov Orlova cruise liner has been drifting across the north Atlantic for the better part of a year, and salvage hunters say there is a strong chance it is heading this way. Built in Yugoslavia in […]

Shia pilgrimage route to Iran suspended

Source: Dawn QUETTA: Pakistan has suspended buses carrying Shia Muslim pilgrims from travelling through its volatile Balochistan province to neighbouring Iran due to security concerns after a suicide attack killed 30 pilgrims this week, officials said on Friday. A 700 km highway connecting the Pakistani city of Quetta and Iran, […]

Cairo rocked by deadly bomb attacks

Source: Aljazeera The blast left a deep crater in the street, and was large enough to shatter windows in shops hundreds of metres away. It also caused extensive damage to the Islamic antiquities museum across the street. Witnesses said they heard gunshots before the explosion. “It was around 7am this […]