President expressed appreciation for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat

President Ernest Bai Koroma on Friday 3rd February 2012, expressed appreciation for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Sierra Leone over what he described to be their contributions towards local communities’ developments as well as national development, especially in the Education and Health sectors. President Koroma expressed this at the official opening of the 51st JALSA SALANA (Annual Conference) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Bo City. He congratulated the Jamaat on the occasion of their 51st Annual Conference and encouraged them to continue the good work.

 The Chief Imam of the Freetown Central Mosque, Sheik Ahmad Tejan Sillah, who doubles as the Spiritual Leader of the United Council of Imams in Sierra Leone, highlighted the tremendous contributions done so far by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat towards national development. He revealed that the conference symbolizes achievement and promotion of peace in Sierra Leone.

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  1. Truth must always prevail only Mullahs of Pakistan do not recognise out of their false ego and vested interests

  2. This is highly commendable. Pray that the jamaat should not relent in it’s effort to positively impact on the lives of the people of Sierra Leone.

  3. Goodnews, to be continue supporting our dear country and making Ahmadiyya popular! We(Ahmadis) should contribute with our money and strenght.

  4. Alhamdolilah, on this august occasion of the 51st Jalsa Salana, 2012, the posting and the photo of the President of SierraLeone, addressing the congregation, was full of appreciation of the good work being done by Ahmadiyya, especially in the field of Education and Health and hopes that these nation-building works will continue in future,too.While going through this post and feeling the inner meanings of the appreciation of Jamaat by the Head of the State, all this made my mind travel some forty years back, when the Govt. of Pakistan under Mr.Z.A.Bhutto was engaged in the National Assembly to make a law through which The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was to be declared as non-muslim. On that particularly perturbed occasion, the Sierraleone Jamaat Ahmadiyya, felt deeply worried and thought it fit to send its representative to Pakistan to convey its deeply-felt anger and resentment against such sort of law which will render Ahmadiyya as non-mulims in Pakistan. This was really a very brave, bold and courageous act on the part of our brothers-in-faith the Ahmadiyyas from the beautiful country, SierraLeone. Since then, this scribe has a very special feelings of thankfulness, love and respect for your ‘SL’, Mr.President. Thank you for your kind words for the Ahmadiyya Works in ‘SL’.They will surely continue this selfless service for the good of all for all the time to come, InshaAllah. Long live Ahmadiyya+SierraLeone Friendship and Cooperation for the good of all West Africa.Ameen.

  5. Allhamduillah. Summa Allhamdulillah.
    And it is just the beginning. Inshallh.
    The day is not far when people within Pakistan will stand up in our favour. Inshallah
    May Allah bring those days very soon.Amen

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