UK: Muslim group hits out at Qur’an exhibition organisers

This photo is from a similar exhebition held in India.

Dewsbury Reporter

A ROW has broken out over an exhibition about the Muslim holy book, the Qur’an.  A Muslim group has accused the exhibition’s organisers of ‘hijacking the Muslim identity’. The event organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association was held at Dewsbury Town Hall. But members of Kirklees Muslim Action Committee said the group had no right to put on an exhibition about the Qur’an, saying they were non-Muslims. Committee member Dr Abid Hussain said: “We object strongly to the fact that a small minority are telling people about the Holy Qur’an when they are not even Muslims.” But the Ahmadiyya group argues that it is entitled to organise the exhibition, as they consider themselves to be Muslims.

Arif Ahmad, vice president of the Spen Valley branch which covers north Kirklees said: “There are doctrinal differences between different groups but we believe ourselves to be Muslims.

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7 replies

  1. If it was not sad it would be funny. These people, who ‘protest’ that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community arranges a Quran Exhibition, are really ‘not integrated’ in Europe. They do neither understand freedom of religion nor freedom of expression. The British Government should ‘sentence them’ to some additional ‘integration lessons’…

  2. ALLAH is ONE. The Holy Quran is HIS message sent through the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBH)for all the mankind. No group can claim any kind of monoply over ALLAH, QURAN, or the Holy Prophet(PBH) because these are all for the whole mankind.
    The people who want to monoloise the religion can not be well wisher of Islam. Islam is to spread over whole world no one can stop it from spreading all arround the world. Theas people do not look to be healthey people who wish to spread darkness. They should think over it. can they stop the sun and the moon from shining?

  3. It is a clear case of bathe a dog, comb a dog a dog will remain a dog. I do not know the day when man will stop being a judge over religious matters. The Jews disbelieved in Jesus Christ (Isa), peace be on him, that does not stop him to be the prophet of God. The world today there are those that believe that Prophet Muhammad(S. A. W) was not a prophet of God, does that detract from him being one. Now, some Muslim are saying that Ghulam Ahmad is not the expected messiah, will that make him not to be one. No wonder God said in the Holy Quran Alas to my servant whenever a messenger is sent to them they mock at him. This generation cannot be different!

  4. Dogs keep on barking and caravans keep on marching. Let anti ahmadies do their work and let Ahamdiyya Community do its work. Truth and good deeds always survive.

  5. How strange that these protestors, while not explaining Islam and our Holy Book to others, have the cheek to stand in judgement of our community, which is doing both, i.e. spreading the message of Islam and Peace.

    It seems that the only thing our opponents are capable of doing is prove themselves to be a contentious and ignorant lot who have no interest in spreading Islam nor do they want others to do so, either.

    How strange and why I wonder?

    And as brother Rafiq, above, observed rightly, these objectors need to be reminded that they are in another country which upholds various freedoms – religious being one of them.

  6. As an MTA ‘Jamaat news’ script producer and newscaster I receive a number of reports about Qur’an exhibitions organised by Jamaat Ahmadiyya in various countries all over the world. All these reports have shown that such Qur’an exhibitions were always welcomed and liked by members of all religions who wanted to learn more about the Holy Qur’an and Islam. The vast majority of people who attended these exhibitions found them to be extremely informative, and great help in learning about the true Islam and removing misgivings about the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. Alhamdo Lillah this is one of the ways in which the Jamaat of the Promised Massiah is serving the religion of our beloved Master The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Mohammad Mustafa SAW.

  7. Dr. Abid Hussein must be a very ignorant Muslim.Does he want Islam to spread without non-Muslims having access to the Holy Qur’an? How can he say that Ahmadis are in minority so they don’t have the right to exhibit the Qur’an to the public.
    The non-Ahmadi Muslims cannot preach the beauty of Islam to the public because of their weak morality and terrorist inclinations.Instead of praising Ahmadis for preaching the beauty of Islam to non-Muslims, they are rather attacking them.
    This is a sheer envy.They must all accept Ahmadiyyat so that the beauty of Islam will shown to the whole world.

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