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Top expert on Islamist radicalisation is investigated by university for saying slain Muslim shopkeeper was ‘not a real Muslim’

Researcher Shiraz Maher wrote he does not ‘regard Ahmadis as Muslims’ Came days after man admitted killing Asad Shah for ‘disrespecting’ Islam Glasgow shopkeeper Mr Shah was part of the the Ahmadiyya community Maher has apologised for remarks which are being investigated by King’s College London By JULIAN ROBINSON FOR […]

Depriving Ahmadiyah of Their Rights

Mosque of Ahmadiyah community is being banned from any religious activities by the Bekasi government. TEMPO/Dian Triyuli Handoko HOMEEDITORIAL WEDNESDAY, 10 FEBRUARY, 2016 | 16:34 WIB TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The expulsion of Ahmadiyah followers from Bangka has shown once again the weakness of the state when it comes to protecting minorities. […]