Minister Congratulates Naw-Ruz Celebration, Amnesty Hopes for Guarantees for Minorities

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Amnesty International Indonesia Media and Campaign Manager Nurina Savitri appreciated The Minister of Religious Affairs Yaqut Cholil Qoumas’ remarks to baha’i people. This statement was delivered after a video of the Minister of Religious Affairs congratulating the Celebration of Naw-Ruz 178 EB to the Baha’i people circulated four months ago.

“This is a first step and important to give recognition to all religious people in Indonesia. This represents the diversity that exists in Indonesia,” he said in a written statement Thursday, July 29, 2021.

He hopes that the Minister guarantees freedom of thought, belief, religion, and trust in all religions in Indonesia without discrimination. Nurina hopes that these actions can take effective measures to ensure that members of religious minorities are protected and can practice their beliefs freely from fear, intimidation, and attacks.

“Some things that can be done immediately by the government to protect all people, among others, revoke the Joint Decree (SKB) of two Ministers in 2006 on the establishment of houses of worship and also skb Minister of Religion, Attorney General, and Minister of Home Affairs 2008 on Ahmadiyah. These two SKB are often used as justifications for discriminatory actions against religious and minority beliefs,” he said.

According to him, the freedom to manifest or demonstrate one’s religion or beliefs can only be subject to the limits as determined by law and necessary to protect the safety, order, health, or morals of the public or the basic rights and freedoms of others. He also warned that the rules, policies and treatment should not be disrkiminative just because their beliefs or ways of worship are different from others.

In national law, the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief is guaranteed in the 1945 Constitution, especially Article 29 (2) on freedom of religion and worship and article 28E (2) on freedom of belief, expressing their thoughts and attitudes in accordance with their conscience.


source (in Indonesian)

Menag Ucapkan Selamat Perayaan Naw-Ruz, Amnesty Berharap Jaminan untuk Minoritas (

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