Evaluation of Religious Life in Indonesia, Academics touch on the case of Shia to Ahmadiyya

Jumat, 23 Desember 2022

BENTENGSUMBAR.COM - Cases of sectarianism occupy the top position in finding problems in the 2022 Freedom of Religion and Belief (KBB) situation.

This was conveyed by Husni Mubarak, Lecturer at Paramadina University in the Year-End Evaluation Discussion of Religious Life in Indonesia which was held at Paramadina University, Friday (23/12/2022).

According to Husni, this generally relates to the state level where there are state regulations, rules and laws that are used by state officials in solving KBB problems so that they do not collide with one another.

“One of them was the Roy Suryo case when he was accused of blaspheming religion in the stupa drawing case and was followed up by the police. Another case is the ritual of marrying a goat, which is considered blasphemy with 4 suspects," he said.
According to Husni who is also a researcher at the Center for the Study of Religion and Democracy, cases of inter-religious KBB where the community is more involved in settlements using social regulations rather than state regulations.
"In the case of ancestral religion, there is a balance between state regulations and social regulations. Of the 24 cases, only 2 positive developments related to KBB, namely the existence of a new Criminal Code which abolished the 1965 PNPS Law and educational services for students who adhere to ancestral religions. And in general, there are more new cases than old cases (before 2022) that have not been resolved," he added.

source and more https://www.bentengsumbar.com/2022/12/evaluasi-kehidupan-beragama-di.html

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