The Obama Administration Is In For An Enormous Battle With The Catholic Church

The Obama Administration made a huge political error in its recent decision to compel religious institutions to buy health insurance policies that cover things they believe are inherently sinful–like contraception, sterilization, and drugs that may act as abortifacients.

Over the past two weekends thousands of priests read out a letter to their parishes promising that the Church “cannot-and will not comply with this unjust law.”

This is not a normal event for most Catholics.

And now look at the Drudge Report tonight:

Drudge Catholic

Suddenly this is a Church, 70 million strong, that looks like it is spoiling for a fight.

But, you might ask, don’t most American Catholics disagree with their Church on this?
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  1. To
    All Global Village Government’s Commanders, Presidents and Peacemakers,

    The Messenger of Islam has guided mankind to practice good vs bad deeds. Live and let live and work in peace is good deed. Continue praying and keeping peace in the prayer and work places is the right of every Muslim and Non Muslim community’s members. It is the duty of all Government’s Commanders,Presidents and Peacemakers to support all Minority Muslim and Non Muslim Communities and let them pray and work according to their faith and knowledge in every place of the Global Village. Thanks

    Kind Regards,

    Munawar Ahmad Bajwa

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