Sharia law used as tool for abuse against women in UK

Islamo Maniacs

Despite the growing demand for Sharia law in Britain, there is also increasing opposition by some groups who argue that the practice discriminates against women.

The Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO) is campaigning to bring an end to the practice.

”We have spoken to many women and all of them tell us the same story; Sharia law is not providing them with the justice they seek. The councils are dominated by men, who are making judgements in favour of men,” said Diana Nammi.

”We think there shouldn’t be any religious law practising in Britain – all Sharia bodies should be banned. That is the only way we can ensure equality of justice for all women,” argues Diana Nammi.

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2 replies

  1. Not sure of Europe and middle east, but south Asia is notorious for wrong interpretation of sharia by muslims and it ends up curtailing women rights. Both sharia and polygamy are used as abuse against women. Councils should have representation of women, to ensure that justice is delivered with fairness.

  2. These people who practise Sharia wrongly in their countries also want to come to UK to continue these sordid acts against women. UK should allowed these Muslims who don’t understand Islam and law.They should go back to their countries.

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