NYC mayor had interfaith breakfast without Muslims


NEW YORK: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg held his annual interfaith breakfast, but he didn’t directly address a boycott by Muslim leaders upset about police spying on their followers.

Friday’s morning’s breakfast was held without 15 Muslim leaders. They told the mayor in a letter that they disagree with his position following a series of articles by The Associated Press exposing the police department’s methods. The AP series detailed police department efforts to infiltrate Muslim neighborhoods and mosques with aggressive programs designed by a CIA officer. Bloomberg has defended the tactics.

At the breakfast, Bloomberg quoted his father as telling him that “discrimination against anyone is discrimination against everyone.”

He also said: “We have to keep our guard up, but if we don’t work together we won’t have our own freedoms.”

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  1. The Muslim leaders have hurt the cause of Islam & American Muslims,by not attending the interfaith meeting.Did the Mayor stopped the police dept. methods after the boycott. This was a “DESI” method of protest.In the US, you are not counted if you do not show up.Muslims are entitled to their Civil-Rites and may work thru elected officials,civil & human rites groups & ,courts,media & other legal means.

  2. I totally agree with you. You are a very illuminated person .We are Americans first and anything else later.We have to do whatever it takes to make sure American life,s and people are safe, what ever religion we belong too.Christians have waged wars against Christians , Hindu,s against Hindu,s and mMslim,s against Muslim,s. History is a proof to that. First and foremost protocal of every American citizen is to look at the interest and safety of American,s first .Leave religion at home otherwise leave this Country and go back.Total allegiation to the Country which provides us safety and good life.That is good character.

  3. The headline on this story is misleading. There were some Muslim representatives that did attend the breakfast. I also agree that boycotting the breakfast made no sense. This breakfast would have been the perfect place to bring up any concerns that you have about police tactics for information or evidence gathering.

    My other comment is that what are these “Islamic representatives” afraid of. If you are not doing anything wrong let the police do what they want. The worst thing that they will find is that you pray five times a day, and promote a message of peace and humanity. So to the people who protested what is there to be afraid of?

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