Haram cleaners hit on YouTube


JEDDAH: A YouTube user uploaded a video clip showing Makkah’s Grand Mosque cleaners in synchronized moves during a routine cleaning around the Holy Kabba.

The clip received almost 60,000 views and tons of praises. The nearly one-and-a-half-minute clip elicited people’s admirations and praises due to the cleaners’ skillful and precise movements while doing their work.

“I have seen this with my own eyes during my visit to Makkah for Umrah. The Haram’s floor is always shiny because of their cleaning,” one commented on the video. Another commented, “This is great! I wish I was there to help clean the Haram like they do.”

Saudi local papers pointed out that people’s admiration of the cleaners’ work stems from the fact that around Kaaba it is always crowded, which would make it hard sometimes for them to clean the floor and finish on time, without delaying impending prayers or crowding pilgrims and visitors over the grounds of the Grand Mosque.

read more here (and view…)http://arabnews.com/saudiarabia/article556178.ece

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